Mailing list owners must agree to the following policies when applying and using a mailing list. All mailing list usage is subject to the University’s Policy on Email Use.


List owners must agree to comply with the below and understand that improper use of any software, password, account or data may result in disciplinary action including termination of computing privileges, civil or criminal prosecution, staff termination, and/or expulsion.

General Policies

  • To abide by all applicable University policies and local and Federal laws regarding computer use and will inform the appropriate system manager should infractions occur.
  • To notify the University IT Helpdesk should technical or administrative problems occur.
  • To understand that University IT may suspend or terminate any news group or mail list for failure to comply with mail list or news group guidelines or for interference with the normal operation of the system on which they reside.
  • To access only files to which you have been given explicit access permission.
  • To not use another person’s account or password and not share your own account or password with another.
  • To not send electronic mail or news postings that are harassing or can be considered a nuisance.
  • To abide by the guidelines posted on individual computer systems or facilities pertaining to account usage.
  • To not use software in a manner that will violate the University’s contracts with the software vendor or copyright notices appearing on the product itself. Any University employee or student who engages in or facilitates activity contrary to the Copyright Law violates University policy and is subject to University discipline. The individual may also be subject to civil or criminal prosecution.

ListServ Specific Policies

  • The list owner may not under any circumstances share their passwords with anyone.
  • The default maximum size (maxlength) of an unapproved message is 40,000 characters. The list owner may not increment this without approval from the University IT list server manager.
  • The List Information file ( may not exceed 40,000 characters. This file contains a statement of purpose for the list. The mail list owner must notify the University IT list server manager on any change in purpose.
  • The number of members subscribed to your mailing list may not exceed 500 addresses without the prior approval of University IT.
  • Should the list be used for anything other than the list purpose as stated on the original application, the University IT list server manager will disable the list.
  • Mailing Lists on University IT systems must be used for University related purposes only.
  • List owner personal accounts that are locked for breach of agreements or for more serious violations will result in the named list being disabled.
  • The list owner will notify the University IT Helpdesk of any change of his/her status, including affiliation with the University, change of office, phone numbers, and so on.
  • All Listserv files maintained by the list owner may be examined by the University IT list server manager.

Bulk Mailing List Policies

  • University IT will only provide bulk email services to Administrative departments needing to communicate infrequently but on an on-going basis with large segments of the student body.
  • The bulk mailing list owner must get the addresses for their list on their own, for instance, from the Registrar’s Office.
  • Postings should be less than 15 text lines.
  • Text lines should be no longer than 75 characters.
  • Postings should point to more detailed information available by phone, on the Web, in a News group, or elsewhere.
  • Postings should occur less than once in a two week period.
  • Reasonable attempts should be made to narrow the target population.
  • The bulk mailing list owner may be asked to demonstrate that bulk email is providing measurably better service than a less expensive information distribution method.
  • University IT reserves the right to monitor traffic on bulk email lists for volume and content.
  • Postings may not advertise items for sale or events that have entry fees.

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