If you send a print job, you will have the ability to release that job from any Print Release Station. For example, if you send a print job in from Gleason Library, you can release that print job from Gleason Library, the IT Center, or any other public printing area. The job will be printed to the printer that is next to the Release Station from which it was released.

What do the queues look like?

There are 3 queues that will appear on your computer:

  1. BWLaser for high speed laser printers
  2. BWWax for black and white jobs printed to wax printers
  3. ColorWax for color jobs printed to wax printers
Note: Jobs destined for BWLaser can be released on wax printers at no extra charge. They will print in black and white.

Benefits of Printing Queues

  1. Submit print jobs from any public or personal computer
  2. Convenient printing across campus
  3. If a printer or release station is out of service, you can use one in another area