Publisher Content

Blackboard provides integrations to some publisher content. If you have a request for additional access, please contact Blackboard support to make a request. Requests should be made at least 2-4 months prior to the term you want to use the integration as some require negotiations with the publisher.

Blackboard Integrations Available


To integrate with a Pearson textbook, use the tools Pearson Course and Pearson Links, available under the Build Content menu.

These may need to be turned on under Customization, Tool Availability.

Instructor Resources

McGraw Hill Connect

To integrate with a McGraw Hill textbook, use the tool McGraw Hill Connect available under the Build Content menu.

This may need to be turned on under Customization, Tool Availability.

Instructor Resources

Dawn Sign Digital (ASL)

Provides access to Signing Naturally 1-6 and/or Signing Naturally 7-12.

Students must purchase an access code to use the materials. Access codes for each of the above sections are separate.

Students can use the access code to review links to materials for 12 months from the time of redemption.

Access is based on the email address associated with their Blackboard account. If their account email changes, they will need to contact DSP Support ( and request their account be updated.

Grades for each assignment are passed back to Blackboard approximately once per hour. Grades will not be seen immediately upon completion of assignments.

Students will receive the first score over 80% that they earn. If they earn less than 80% and do not Retry the assignment, they will earn that lower score. If they earn over 80% and Retry, they will not get new/higher grades recorded.

Instructions for faculty

Teacher Frequently Asked Questions

Student Frequently Asked Questions


Note: It is highly recommended that you ask students to use Barnes and Noble bookstore to purchase the textbook codes. Contact Barnes and Noble in advance to make sure that your textbook request is available to students when they need it.