Qwickly Attendance within Blackboard offers the ability to take attendance either manually, through a student check-in,  through a card swipe, or through designated Blackboard course activity.

Introduction to Qwickly Attendance

Qwickly Attendance has been designed to be powerful, yet straightforward.


1. Add Qwickly Attendance to your Course: you can add Qwickly to your Course Menu, or in a Content Area. The course menu creates an easy access point to take attendance without having to dig into the Blackboard tools menu for both faculty and students (The student view of attendance allows students to see their own attendance record and provides the link to check in, when a faculty member chooses to use student check in).

2. Set Up Qwickly Attendance for the first time when using it in each course: The first time you visit the tool in a course, you’ll need to complete the settings for the course. This can be as simple as clicking submit to accept the default settings. If you need to make changes later, you can visit the settings screen at any time. You will not be able to take attendance in a course until this set up is complete. See information below on Settings.

3. Start taking attendance: After your initial set up in the course, you will be automatically taken to the attendance taking screen when you visit Qwickly Attendance. Qwickly Attendance offers multiple ways to take attendance. You can take attendance with a student list, a card reader, or allow students to check in on their own computer.

Note: The first time you launch attendance may take longer than normal as your student roster has to be loaded into the cloud (ie. classes of 100 students may take 10 seconds, classes of 200 students may take 20 seconds, classes of 400 student may take 40 seconds). Additionally, closing an attendance session may take longer than expected in order to store the information in the cloud, especially if your class size is large (ie. classes of 200 students take about 15 seconds, classes of 400 students take 25 about seconds).

Note: The first time you click your Qwickly Attendance tool, you will be required to allow Qwickly access to your course in Blackboard, You will see a permissions screen as shown below. Click Allow to continue.

Note: You must be an instructor or teaching assistant in the course in order to set up Qwickly Attendance, or to Take Attendance. Students who use the link will see their attendance record. Course builders (or other roles in Blackboard) will not have access to any information.

Important: Before adding Qwickly Attendance to the Course Menu, you must turn the tool on in your course. Do this by accessing Tool Availability within the Customization menu.

Features and Services

Add The Qwickly Attendance tool to the Course Menu

Add the Qwickly Attendance Tool to a Content Area

Create a Content Area in Blackboard
Within that Content Area, use the Tools menu and choose More Tools, and then Qwickly Attendance

Fill in the web form with a name and any instructions.
Click the new link that is created to access Qwickly.

Customize Your Settings
Schedule your Sessions In Advance

Grade Center Integration

Attendance Record Overview

Creating Custom Status

What a Student Sees

Ways to Take Attendance