This checklist is designed to help you determine who the customer is for your reporting or visual need, what the boundaries for data access are, and how to maintain a refreshable view of the data. This should be reviewed prior to the formalization of requirements.

  1. Who is the customer?
    • Are the consumers internal or external to the University of Rochester?
    • Are all consumers located on River Campus? The Medical Center? Both? Other?
  2. How will the customers access the report?
    • Electronically on their computer?
    • On their mobile device?
    • On paper?
    • In their email?
    • From a website?
  3. Are there security limitations on what data they can see? Is the data restricted from all being able to view, or portions restricted?
  4. Do the data and subsequent reports need to be refreshed from a source? If so, at what frequency?
    • Daily?
    • Weekly?
    • Monthly?
    • Yearly?
    • Never?
    • Other?
  5. Where does the data reside?
    • Excel spreadsheets?
    • Website?
    • Data Warehouse?
    • Application and/or its attached database?
  6. What is the security classification of the data?
    • High Risk?
    • Moderate Risk?