ATTENTION: Don’t Fall for Employment scams!

With students back in full swing and classes in session, so are scammers and their malicious emails. Students should pay extra attention to their emails or text messages and not correspond with any “out of the blue” employment opportunities. If the email appears to come from someone at the University, be sure to cross reference the sender’s email address with what is listed on the University faculty and staff directory. Take a look at University IT’s employment scams page for examples and red flags to watch out for. Think you’ve received a suspicious email or text message? Report it to abuse@rochester.edu. 


Celebrating Our IT Professionals

Today is National IT Professionals Day, recognizing the role University IT, URMC ISD and departmental IT plays in keeping our institution running – safely and securely – while growing our capabilities and transforming our experience as applications and technology evolve.


Read this before walking away!

Make it a habit to lock your computer screen immediately as soon as you step away, even if for only a moment. Ensure your device is also password protected. Leaving your computer unattended or unprotected allows potential thieves an opportunity to steal confidential information or install malware on your computer. Keep in mind, even if you’ve set your screen to automatically lock, it still takes a few minutes for the screen to lock, leaving your device exposed. Try keyboard shortcuts for your machine (Windows: Windows key + L or Mac: Command + Control + Q), and check out University IT’s Data Protection page for more information on safe practices.