Teams makes it easy to determine if your colleague is available for calls or chats.


A badge (colored dot) next to the profile picture indicates their status:

  • Green: Available 
  • Red: Busy (Do Not Disturb, In a Call, Presenting, are also possible Red statuses)
    • Do Not Disturb – (red circle with white line in the middle) The Teams client will not notify of any incoming messages or other notifications. 
      • Teams can be configured to allow certain individuals priority notification that will bypass DnD Mode.
        1. Click the profile picture and select Settings. 
        2. Click on Privacy 
        3. Click on Manage Priority Access. 
        4. Add any names you believe should be able to notify you no matter your status. 
  • Yellow: Away (Inactive – typically changes automatically after 3 minutes of no activity) 
  • White or blank: Offline or Teams cannot determine the status
 Note for URMC and UR Medicine Affiliates:  Availability updates may not happen automatically until your URMC mail account has moved online.