LabVIEW is used for test, measurement, and control. LabVIEW allows development of intuitive block diagrams for I/O, analysis, and presentation needs. LabVIEW performs many functions from data acquisition to advanced embedded software development. The University’s LabVIEW license may be used for both teaching and academic research.

How To Get A Copy


LabVIEW can be installed on faculty/staff office machines or research stations.


Licensing is free for AS&E students.

LabVIEW for students can be downloaded here.

Serial number is: M86X24725


Payment may be made by blue 312 requisition or email (account number).

  • $0 – AS&E faculty, staff, and students; Computer Science department.
  • $425 (annual fee) – All other faculty and staff.

System Requirements

Visit the National Instruments website for details.

More Information


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