Mnova is a multivendor software suite designed for combined NMR, LC/GC/MS and Electronic & Vibrational Spectroscopic techniques. The new version Mnova 14 is a major release incorporating many new features in most plugins. We have integrated three new products Mnova ElViS, BioHOS and StereoFitter and fixed several bugs.

How To Get A Copy

Download MNova Version 14.2.1 from the Mestrelab download page.  Our license is slightly older and Version 14.2.1 is the newest version that is compatible with our license.  DO NOT download the most recent version, please.

In all cases, you must be on a University network (on campus, or via VPN) to access the network license. If you are viewing this page, that is already the case.

Download this License File and feed it to the software on first run when prompted. Your client will then connect to the network license server, and you can run the software.

If the server license ever changes, you will see that prompt for license file again, and will need to re-download the license from here. Even though it’s pointing to a network license server, the local file must match.


$0 – The Chemistry Department funds this license and offers it free of charge to University faculty, staff, and students.

System Requirements

Visit the Mnova for details.

More Information