The University agreement provides access to the Oracle Enterprise Edition which includes:

  • Database Management Packs:
    • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
    • Oracle Database Lifecycle Management Pack
    • Oracle Diagnostics Pack
    • Oracle Tuning Pack
    • Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite Plus
  • Java Engine
  • Workflow Engine
  • Intermedia and Oracle Text
  • Advanced Queuing and Replication
  • Rolling Updates
  • Incremental Backup and Recovery
  • Standby Database and Recovery Manager
  • Flashback Database
  • Oracle Dataguard (for Disaster Recovery)
  • Virtual Private Database (for Security)
  • Fine Grained Auditing (for Security)
  • Parallel Query/DML (for Performance)
  • Data Compression (for Performance)
  • Bitmap Indices and Parallel Bitmap-Star query
  • Connection Manager and Pooling
  • Automatica Storage Manager (ASM)
  • Visual Information and Retrieval
  • Drivers (ODBC, MPI, OLE, OCI)
  • Transportable Tablespaces (including cross platform)
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager and Grid Control (Web-based Management Console)

How To Get A Copy

Obtaining a New License

Contact Site Licensing at Please include information about your project, platform(s), and expected number of users.


Information for Current Users

  • If you license directly through Oracle: Your Oracle Database license will automatically be rolled into the site license. You will be notified of your new discounted price, and you will receive a new Support Identifier (CSI) for access to Oracle support.
  • If you license through a third party vendor: Depending on how the license was obtained, you may or not be eligible for participation in the site license. If your Oracle license appears as a separate line item from the vendor, we may be able to roll it into the site license. However, if your Oracle license was bundled with other products it may not be possible to separate it until your current contract expires, if at all. Please contact Dave Tortora at or (585) 275-3408, to see if you qualify.

More Information

Maintenance and support are included in the site license. Licensed users have access to Oracle’s Metalink support site, where they can search for technical info, submit service requests, participate in forums, and read bulletins. The primary database administrator may also download patches and updates.


  • Faculty
  • Staff