The Qualtrics XM is a user-friendly, feature rich, web-based survey tool similar to Survey Monkey, which allows users to build, distribute, and analyze online surveys, collaborate in real-time, and export data in multiple formats. Qualtrics Research Suite should only be used for work related to your University of Rochester employment and/or academic projects related to your UR Research or pursuit of a degree.

The use of Qualtrics for Human Subjects Research or PHI are subject to compliance with HIPAA standards.  Please contact the Privacy office with questions.

University of Rochester Qualtrics license features:

  • Unlimited:
    • Responses
    • Questions per project
    • Survey projects per user
  • Survey’s can contain customized:
    • Branding
    • Branching
    • Skip
    • Display logic, etc.
  • Embedded data
  • All questions except file upload & signature
  • Email, QR code, and social media distributions
  • Auto thank yous and reminders
  • Export options:
    • File formats:
      • CVS
      • TSV
    • SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences)
    • Tableau
    • Google Drive
  • Basic reports / graphs
  • Collaboration with other users

How To Get A Copy

University of Rochester Faculty, Staff and Students:

Access to Qualtrics by authenticating through the University of Rochester Portal. When logging in, select “Rochester”

URMC and Affiliates:

Access Qualtrics by authenticating through the URMC and Affiliates Portal. When logging in, select “URMC”

Existing University of Rochester Qualtrics users:

Users can link their existing University of Rochester accounts by logging into the Qualtrics portal. Click the circle in the upper right hand corner of the site next to the bell. The click “Account Settings” Under “User settings”. Towards the bottom of the page there is an option to “Link Account”.

Enter your existing account information. This can take up to 24 hours to link.


Qualtrics is available to University of Rochester Faculty, Staff and Students at no cost.

System Requirements

Qualtrics is an online solution compatible across operating systems and devices.

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