SPSS Statistics is a statistical and data management package for analysts and researchers, providing a broad range of capabilities for the entire analytical process, including powerful statistics; data access, preparation, and management tools; high-quality tabular and graphical output, and a variety of reporting methods. University licenses include:

  • SPSS Statistics Base
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Bootstrapping
  • Categories
  • Complex Samples
  • Conjoint
  • Custom Tables
  • Data Preparation
  • Decision Trees
  • Direct Marketing
  • Exact Tests
  • Forecasting
  • Missing Values
  • Neural Networks
  • Regression
  • SamplePower
  • Visualization Designer

How To Get A Copy

SPSS licensing is for teaching and academic research purposes only.

A license covers either a single user (may install on more than one computer if you are the sole user of each installation), or a single computer if it has more than one user.

SPSS 29 is the latest version.

SPSS can be downloaded here.

AMOS (Windows only) can be downloaded here.

Activation key required. Contact UR Tech Store for key.


Payment may be made by blue 312 requisition, email (account number), Cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover.

Personal purchases for SPSS can also be made online here. NetID required for online purchase.

  • $0 – AS&E faculty, researchers and students; Computer Science department; Laboratory for Laser Energetics; Warner School and School of Nursing faculty and students
  • $680 (SPSS) $182 (AMOS) – All other faculty, researchers and students
  • Group rates, contact the UR Tech Store

When contacting the UR Tech Store you will need to provide:

  • FAO Payment information
  • User(s) name and email address
  • Operating system: Windows, Mac. AMOS Windows only

System Requirements

Visit the SPSS website for details.

More Information


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  • Staff