Data custodian:
Under this policy, a person who possesses or is responsible for controlling access to a record or a collection of records that contain SSN or PII.

Data collection:
Under this policy, a record or set of records, such as file folder of paper forms, a computer file, a computer database, etc.

Data center:
A University-designated facility that is used to house computer systems.

Mathematically transformed so that it is unreadable by anyone not possessing a key.

High Risk information:
Data whose disclosure is restricted by law, such as Social Security Number, financial account information, credit and debit card information, Personal Identifying Information, Protected Health Information (HIPAA), student information (FERPA), employee personnel records.

Personal Identifying Information.

Privacy Officer:
Person who is responsible for managing risks and impacts of privacy laws and policies.

A computer system that holds data for access by one or more individual workstation computers.

Shadow system:
Any application relied upon for business processes that is not under the jurisdiction of a centralized Information Systems department. (wikipedia)

Secure environment:
An area or system judged by a privacy officer to have adequate controls for protecting access to the information stored there.

Social Security Number.