Feature  Box OneDrive
Storage available per user 5 TB, scalable 5 TB
Maximum file size 50 GB 250 GB single file or 20 GB zip file
Desktop App
Mobile App
Web Access
Share via Link to internal users
Share via Link to external users

*Anonymous sharing not supported

Allow real time editing of shared files internal users
Allow real time editing of shared files external users

*Only works with a specific choice when sharing

FTP support
Accessibility mode Limited
Hide collaborators from viewing other collaborators
Workflow and Automation capability
Comments and @ mentions in content
Version history
File restore ability 30 days 30 days
How to get an account Help Desk ticket Included with UR/URMC email account
Permission levels Co-owner (multiple owners allowed), Editor, Viewer Uploader, Previewer Uploader, Viewer, Previewer, Uploader View, edit, review
Work offline with desktop and mobile app
File and folder description