Managing operating budgets effectively requires constant effort to review and control cellular costs.  To support the best oversight possible of constantly changing mobile/cellular costs, University IT offers several strategies:

  • New equipment orders and upgrades with equipment costs exceeding $199.00 require department head or administrator approval on the service request.  There are no exceptions to this requirement.
  • The hot spot feature is also disabled on all smartphone devices when ordered.  University IT will disable this feature on all devices effective April 5, 2017.  If an individual in your department finds that their service has been turned off as a result of the program update and they require the service, submit an online service request form with department head approval to University IT to reactivate the feature.
  • March 2017 – Memo to department administrators regarding strategies to contain cellular expenses.

Tips for Reducing Data Usage

International Travel

  • Update your current plan to one of the available international plans. Call the IT Help Desk at (585) 275-2000
  • Turn Data Roaming Off. International roaming rates are very expensive and accrue when you are outside the U.S., Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Turn Fetch New Data Off. Sync your contacts, calendars and email manually instead of automatically to reduce data usage
  • Utilize Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is available and often free in many international airports, hotels and restaurants and will not be charged like using data
  • AT&T travel tips
  • Verizon travel tips

Directory Calls

  • Stop making 411 calls for directory assistance: each 411 call can cost up to $1.79