A guide on how to add users within the University of Rochester to a WordPress instance hosted by the University of Rochester. When completed users added to the WordPress instance will be able to use their NETID credentials to login.

Step 1: Navigate to menu item

From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to “Users > Add New”

Nav Menu Item for Users > Add New

Step 2: Fill in username

The user’s username must be their NETID.

Adding a WP user username

Step 3: Fill in email as official UR email

Email should be input as official UR email.

Add WP user email

Step 4: Fill in first and last name

WP add user names

Step 5: Generate a password

The user’s NETID password will be used, however a good password must be created because both will technically work.

WP add user generate password

Step 6: Un-check "Send User Notification"

Un-check this box and notify user of their account manually. If this box is left checked then the user will receive an auto-generated email informing them to use a password other than their NETID.

add wordpress user checkbox notify user

Step 7: Select a role

The two most common roles are Editor and Administrator. For a complete list of roles and their descriptions, see official WordPress documentation on roles.

wordpress add user role

Step 8: Add new user and inform

Select the “Add New User” button. Inform the user they can at your site URL + “/wp-login.php”. For example: https://tech.rochester.edu/wp-login.php.

Users must login to WordPress over VPN or from a campus network.