The following instructions illustrate how to install Box sync on a Mac and enable Single Sign On (SSO) integration. User experience may vary slightly depending on browser and Operating System version you are using.

Step 1

To download Box Sync, start by logging in to your Box account.

box mac screenshot

Step 2

Click the gear icon that appears next to your name in the upper-righthand corner.

From the drop down menu, select Get Box Sync.

box mac screenshot

Step 3

Click the Box Sync button above the Get Box Sync for Mac text.

box mac screenshot


Step 4

Select to open the zipped file after the download completes.

box mac screenshot

Step 5

When you unzip or expand the file, you will see a file called Box Sync

Double click this file.

box mac screenshot

Step 6

When the warning window appears, select Open to continue with the install.

box mac screenshot

Step 7

On the screen that says Welcome to the Box Sync Installer, select Continue.

box mac screenshot

Step 8

After reading the Software License Agreement, click Continue.

box license agreement screenshot

Step 9

Click Agree to accept the terms of the software licensing agreement.

box mac agree to terms screenshot

Step 10

Click Install to complete the installation.

box installation screenshot

Note: On most Macs you will be prompted for the local machine password to complete the installation process. Enter your password and click OK

box mac screenshot


Step 11

After the installation is complete, the System Preferences window will open and Box Synch will be listed under the Other section.

box mac screenshot

Step 12

Clicking Box Sync in System Preference will open the application.

To connect to your account click the Use Single Sign On link.

box mac screenshot

Step 13

Type your Box email address into the Email Address field and click Continue.

box mac email setup screenshot

Step 14

Select which University of Rochester Campus you are affiliated with and click continue.

Step 15

Enter your NetID (for UR) or URMC network username (for URMC) and password to sign in.


Step 16

After successfully logging in, you will automatically navigate back to the previous dialogue box. Box sync will begin. Once complete you will see the following screen.

box mac final screenshot