This tutorial provides set-up instructions for connecting to the eduroam using an Android mobile device.

Step 1

Select Settings.

Step 2

Select Wireless and Networks

Step 3

Select Wi-Fi Settings.

Step 4

Select eduroam.

step 5

You may be asked for a “credential storage” password. This is NOT your Active Directory password. Your options for moving forward:

  • Enter the Android password that you previously created
  • Follow the prompt to set up this password for the first time
  • If you do not remember your password– type any password in 5 times and your device will clear your current password

Step 6

Select EAP type: PEAP

Step 7

Select Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPv2.

Step 8

Leave the CA Certificate and Client Certificate fields blank, “Unspecified” or “Don’t Validate” depending on the operating system.

Step 9

For Identity, type your Active Directory username. The Anonymous Identity field should be left blank.

Be aware that the login credentials may look different than you are used to.

  • For UR credentials:
    • Identity = ur\ur ad

(Example: ur\

  • For URMC credentials:
    • Identity = urmc-sh\urmc ad

(Example: urmc-sh\

Step 10

For Wireless Password type your Active Directory Password.