Individuals from Eduroam-participating institutions can connect to the Eduroam wireless network using the credentials from their home institutions.

Connect to Eduroam at the University of Rochester

  1. Select the eduroam wireless network on your device’s wireless connection settings.
  2. Sign in with your Eduroam credentials.
  3. When prompted, accept the certificate to connect to the eduroam network.

Connect to Eduroam at Other Institutions

When traveling to other Eduroam-participating institutions, University faculty, staff, and students can connect to Eduroam wireless networks using the following credentials:

  • Username =
  • Password = NetID password

A list of participating Eduroam institutions is available on the Eduroam website.


Eduroam provides a secure wireless internet connection at the local Eduroam partner/university. The level of access will be at the discretion of the local provider. To access University of Rochester resources, you may need to connect to UR VPN services in addition to Eduroam.

Please work with your department IT administrator prior to your travel so that the Eduroam profile is tested and installed on your machine. You will not be able to download any installers from the Eduroam website.