This tutorial provides set up instructions for connecting to the UR_Connected using an Android V2.1 and higher.

Step 1

Select Settings.

Step 2

Select Wireless & Networks.

Step 3

Select Wi-Fi Settings.

Step 4

Select UR_Connected.

Step 5

You may be asked for a “credential storage” password. This is NOT your Active Directory password. Your options for moving forward:

  • Enter the Android password that you previously created
  • Follow the prompt to set up this password for the first time
  • If you do not remember your password– type any password in 5 times and your device will clear your current password

Step 6

Select EAP type: PEAP

Step 7

Select Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPv2.

Step 8

Leave the CA Certificate and Client Certificate fields blank, “Unspecified” or “Don’t Validate” depending on operating system.

Step 9

For Identity, type your Active Directory username. The Anonymous Identity field should be left blank.

If prompted, enter the domain “”

Step 10

For Wireless Password type your Active Directory Password.