First time Zoom users can create an account by logging in at the University or URMC Zoom portal.

Step 1

Navigate to the following link(s) in your web browser:

University users:

URMC users:

Step 2

Hover over the Log In button to select which instance is appropriate for your use.

  • The UR NetID instance should be selected for non-clinical use cases as well as for Blackboard integration features.
  • URMC (SMH, HH, FFT) – HIPAA-Approved instance features end-to-end encryption and restricted recording options. This option should be selected for clinical use cases.

Step 3

Enter your username and password.

  • UR NetID users log in with NetID and password.
  • URMC (SMH, HH, FFT) – HIPAA-Approved log in with network username and password.

Step 4

Your account has been created. You are now able to schedule and host Zoom video and web meetings.

Visit the Zoom Tutorials page for guides and instructions for using Zoom’s many features and capabilities.