If you require special features such as recurring/always available calls, conference recording, or participant reporting, you may request a conference call through GlobalMeet, which can accommodate up to 300 participants. The fee is $0.015/min per participant.

Step 1

Submit a service request for a conference call.

Step 2

The IT Help Desk will schedule the call through GlobalMeet and provide you with an access code, host password, and local and toll-free dial in numbers.

Step 3

Distribute the access code and dial-in numbers to your participants.

Step 4

Dial in at the scheduled time.

As participants dial in, they will be added to the conference call automatically.


  • When a participant joins the call, active members of the call will hear a tone announcing their arrival.
  • When a participant disconnects from the call, active members of the call will hear a tone signaling their departure.
  • A complete list of host and participant commands is available but please note that some of the commands may incur additional fees for use.
  • GlobalMeet conference calls are “reservationless” and can be initiated at any time using the host information.
  • When requesting a conference call, provide the number of participants, the name of the person hosting the call, and the extension that the call will be billed to.