Step 1

Visit your App Store and type LastPass in the search bar.

Step 2

Click the download button.

Step 3

Open the application once it is finished downloading.


Step 4

Sign into your account.

Please Note: If this is your first attempt at signing in, you will be prompted with a “Login Failed” notification. For security purposes, this just means that LastPass is will want to verify the device and/or your location via email before you sign in.


  1. Click Ok on the prompt.
  2. Verify the email that LastPass sends to your inbox.
  3. In the app, Click Log In again.

Step 5

You will immediately have the option to allow notifications and enable your fingerprint for Log In and Account Recovery should you ever forget your LastPass master password.

LastPass also will ask you for the first time if you’d like to securely “Fill usernames & passwords”¬†and provides guidance on how to do so.

Additional Information

You can now start adding passwords, payment cards, bank information, etc.