Before you send a secured email to a given email recipient for the first time, we recommend that you send a non-secure email to alert the recipient and to help the recipient navigate the secure email service sign-up process. A sample email is provided below, as well as, a link to SecureMail tutorials.

Example Email

The University of Rochester has begun to use secure email technology when sending protected information via email. I will be sending such email to you soon and want you to know the steps you must take to read that email.

  • You will receive an email notification from the University of Rochester that a secured email is waiting to be delivered to you and that you need to register one time to receive secured email via Proofpoint Security, Inc.
  • Please look for this notification message. Some email systems may put this notification message in your Junk or Spam email folder.
  • Follow the link in the notification message to complete the registration. There is no cost to register for, receive, or reply to Proofpoint-secured email.
  • During the registration process, make sure that your Web browser is configured with JavaScript processing enabled.
  • When you receive a Proofpoint-secured email message, you will need to open the attachment named “SecureMessageAtt.html”. You will be prompted to supply the password that you created during Proofpoint registration.
  • If you have questions or problems registering or reading the email message, you can contact the University of Rochester IT Help Desk by phone at (585) 275-2000 or email at

Additional Recipient Information

Refer your recipients to the SecureMail Tutorials page for detailed setup and use information.