Skype for Business enables sharing and creating content while in an instant message, voice call, or video call session. The presenter can share their screen(s) or a specific program, the group can work together using PowerPoint or a whiteboard, or the presenter can post a poll or question and answer session for the participants.

Designate a Presenter

The meeting host can designate presenter priviledges to a meeting participant by right-clicking on their name and selecting “Make a Presenter”

skype presenter

Begin Sharing

While in an Instant Message, Voice Call or Video Call, click the monitor icon at the bottom of the window to open the Share Menu.

skype screenshot


Click on the desired sharing tool.

skype screenshot

Sharing Tool Options

Desktop / Monitors

Shares your desktop (if you have one monitor) or lets you select which monitor(s) to share.



Shares a specific program. Select from available open programs to begin.

skype screenshot


The program you share will have a yellow “Now Presenting” tab in the upper-left corner.

skype screenshot



Select a PowerPoint slide deck to present to the participants.



Creates a whiteboard for the group to type, draw, or copy and paste content on to. The whiteboard can be saved for later use using the More Options menu on the left side of the whiteboard.

skype screenshot



The presenter can poll the participants by creating a poll question and list of selectable answers. The options for the Poll are controlled using the Poll Actions menu at the bottom of the Poll.

1) Create the poll question and available choices and click Create.

skype screenshot

2) Participants can choose their choice and results are shown in real time. Additional options are available in the Poll Actions menu.

skype screenshot of poll


Q & A

The presenter can initiate a question and answer session. Choose between moderated (questions from the participants are not displayed until the presenter answers them) or unmoderated (questions are posted immediately and any participant can answer) and click Start Q&A to begin.

skype screenshot