Users who do not need support from University IT can continue to use Evolution (with the Evolution EWS package), or Thunderbird without a plugin if they have a grandfathered IMAP exception. The client must support MFA (OAuth2).

Do not contact the Helpdesk or University IT for assistance with these configurations. Supported configurations can be found here.


Evolution – Successfully Tested Versions

Fedora Linux 34, evolution-ews, evolution 3.40-4-2 

Fedora Linux 35, evolution-ews, evolution 3.40-4-2 

Ubuntu 20.04, evolution-ews, evolution 3.36.5 


Evolution Settings – Fedora  

Evolution Setup – Ubuntu 

  • Sudo apt-get update  
  • Sudo apt-get install evolution evolution-ews 
  • Launch Evolution. If this is the first run, you will be presented with the add account wizard. If Evolution was already configured, go to File > New > Mail Account to open the wizard. 
  • When prompted to restore from backup, ensure “Restore from a backup file:” is unchecked 
  • Enter your name and email address in the Required Information fields, uncheck “Look up mail server details based on the entered email address”, and click Next. 
  • In the Receiving Email step, set the Server Type drop down menu to Exchange Web Services, enter your email address in the Username field, and change the Host URL field to ““. 
  • On the Authentication drop down menu select OAuth2 (Office365). (If OAuth2 (Office365) is not listed as an option, click Check for Supported Types first.) 
  • Check the box Override Office365 OAuth2 settings and enter the following values for Tenant and Application ID: 
  • Application ID 20460e5d-ce91-49af-a3a5-70b6be7486d1 
  • Tenant ID 374e17f4-cf11-4ce2-b3ef-5de76bf4ce41 
  • Finish, Apply 
  • You should get a login prompt for M365 and, if you are off-network, a Duo prompt 




  • Versions later than 77.0b1 support MFA 
  • You must have an existing IMAP approval 
  • Use settings:
    • mail server 
    • SMTP server 
    • Authentication method OAuth2