This tutorial is for IT administrators of Omni service tier 3.

Step 1

Launch the VMware Horizon Client or open a browser to

Step 2

In the VMware Horizon Client double click the server.

Step 3

Review and accept the disclaimer.

Step 4

Log in with your UR Active Directory domain credentials.

This environment uses two-factor authentication (Duo). If you are not connected to the University network (wired, wireless, or VPN), you must accept the two-factor authentication request before proceeding.

Step 5

Double-click the UnivIT EUC Admin desktop to log in.

Omni screenshot

Step 6

Once logged in to the desktop, launch Application Volumes from the shortcut on the desktop.

Omni screenshot

Step 7

Login with your UR Active Directory domain credentials.

Omni screenshot

Step 8

Navigate to Volumes.

Omni screenshot

Step 9

Click the Create AppStack button.

Omni screenshot

Step 10

Fill in the form with the the name of the AppStack.

We recommend using a naming standard of “[Department Prefix] [Name of AppStack or related software] Software Version [Version number]” for the Name field.

e.g., UnivIT Common Software Version 1.3

Select the Storage datastore for your applications.

Always choose the Storage database assigned to your department/applications. Usage will be audited.
For the Path and Template fields, leave as the defaults.

Omni screenshot

Step 11

Click the Create button to create the AppStack.

Step 12

Select the “Wait for completion” option to wait for the AppStack to create and click the Create button.

Omni screenshot

Step 13

Once completed, you are ready to provision the AppStack and install applications.