Step 1

Download the VMware Horizon Client by going to

Step 2

Click the Install VMware Horizon Client button

Step 3

Under Product, find the section for your device:

  • PC Desktop or Laptop running Windows – VMware Horizon Client for Windows
  • Apple Computer or Laptop – VMware Horizon Client for Mac
  • PC Desktop or Laptop running Linux – VMware Horizon Client for Linux
  • Apple iPhone or iPad – VMware Horizon Client for iOS
  • Android Phone or Tablet – VMware Horizon Client for Android
  • Microsoft Phone or Tablet – VMware Horizion Client for Windows Store

Step 4

Click the “Go to Downloads” link to the right of the section for your device.

Step 5

Click the Download button to start the download of the VMware Horizon Client.

Step 6

Once downloaded, open/execute the file to start the installation.

Step 7 - For Windows

Mac Users: Scroll down to “Step 7 — For Mac” below.

a.) Click on Customize Installation

b.) In default connection server enter


c.) Click on Click on Agree and Install

d.) Click on Finish


e.) When it asks, please restart your computer to make sure the installation finishes completely.


Step 7 - For Mac

a.) Drag Horizon application to Finder folder

b.) Agree to the End User License Agreement

c.) Close window.

d.) Installation is complete.