This tutorial is for IT administrators of Virtual Desktop service tier 3. When operating system patching is needed or any of the agents in the desktops need updating, you will need to recompose the desktop pool.

Step 1

Go to the view administrator.

Step 2

On the left, go to Catalog > Desktop pools.

Step 3

Disable the desktop pool to prevent user access.

Step 4

Revert the master image (these start with the ~ symbol) to one of the latest snapshots to make sure it is in the correct state.

Step 5

Edit the settings and make sure you choose the correct network the virtual machine will be on.

Step 6

Start the master image.

Step 7

Connect to the master image using remote desktop protocol (RDP).

Step 8

Make any necessary changes.

Step 9

Shut down the master image.

Step 10

Take snapshots for each desktop pool you need, making sure to edit the settings to change the network.

Step 11

Go to the view administrator.

Step 12

On the left, go to Catalog > Desktop pools.

Step 13

Double-click on your pool.

Step 14

Click on the View Composer dropdown menu, then select Recompose.

Step 15

Select the parent virtual machine. (This should be the one that was chosen before.)

Step 16

Select the correct snapshot.

Step 17

Uncheck “Stop at first error”.

Step 18

Choose either to force users off or have it wait until everyone logs off. Then click Finish.

To Check on Progress

  1. Go to the view administrator
  2. On the left, go to Catalog > Desktop pools
  3. Double-click the desktop pool you are looking for
  4. Go to Inventory
  5. Click on Machines (View Composer Details)
  6. If it is in maintenance mode, it is recomposing. You can also see under the task column if recomposing is pending.