Once you are logged into UR Student, you can find additional assistance with registration and other tasks via a virtual help assistant. Like a GPS system that gives you driving directions, the virtual assistant will guide you step-by-step through certain tasks within UR Student. In order to access the assistant, you must first download a web browser extension called WalkMe, which works in Chrome and other modern web browsers (desktop and laptops only).

Step 1

Click Here to download the WalkMe browser extension for either Windows or MacOS follow the onscreen instructions provided to complete the extension install on desktop or laptops only.

Supported browsers include:

  • Firefox (v57 or newer)
  • Google Chrome (v51 or newer)
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Edge Legacy (v40.15063 or newer, starting from Windows 10.1703)
  • Edge Chromium

Step 2

This download will activate the Need Help button in UR Student (located in the upper right corner of the page). Select this button to get in-the-system guidance on the listed tasks provided.

Important Note:

The Walkme browser extension can only view UR Student webpages within the wd5-myworkday.com/Rochester domain on browsers where the extension has been installed. It also has the ability to read and change any information sent or received from the UR Student domain.  It is important to know that Walkme processes built for UR Student (Help Assistant) are not designed to change or save information entered on webpages.

Note: After the extension is installed a general browser message may display referencing this note, but vary in message.

WalkMe has multiple ISO certifications for Information Security, is SOC 2 and SOC 3 certified to meet AICPA’s Trust Security Principles, rated Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready™, and has STAR Certification from the Cloud Security Alliance. In addition, WalkMe is also EU/Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield certified.