Zoom AI Companion, a generative-AI digital assistant, delivers powerful, real-time capabilities to help users improve productivity and work together more effectively. University IT has enabled several AI Companion features for University Zoom accounts, including Meeting Summary, AI Companion Question and Whiteboard Content Generation.

Meeting Summary

Meeting Summary allows meeting hosts to initiate an AI-generated summary of their meeting. After the meeting, the host can review the meeting summary and choose to share it with their meeting participants. Meeting Summaries are supported in more than 30 languages, making it easy for attendees to review the key points of the meeting and topics discussed.


Host responsibilities prior to sending meeting transcript to any participant or non-participant:

Review Content:

  • Read through the meeting notes carefully. Pay attention to key points, action items, decisions, and any other relevant information.
  • Ensure that the content accurately reflects what was discussed during the meeting.

Check for Confidential Information:

  • Scrutinize the notes for any sensitive or confidential information.
  • Remove or redact any details that should not be shared externally.

Remove or Redact Data or Statements referencing High-Risk Data:

Check for Clarity and Coherence:

  • Verify that the notes are clear and coherent. Look out for any confusing or ambiguous sentences.
  • Correct any grammatical errors or awkward phrasing.

Confirm Action Items:

  • Check if action items, tasks, or follow-ups are accurately recorded.
  • Make sure responsibilities are assigned to the correct individuals.

Verify Attachments and Links:

  • If the notes have attachments or links, validate their accuracy.
  • Ensure that any URLs are functional and lead to the intended resources.

Final Approval:

  • Once all validations are complete, obtain final approval from a designated approver (if applicable).

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Meeting summaries will not be available automatically to Alternative Hosts. If the Meeting organizer does not attend the meeting, the meeting summary will still ONLY be sent automatically to the Meeting Host / Organizer.

AI Companion Question

The AI Companion Question feature leverages the AI features to allow meeting participants to ask questions about the content of the meeting thus far. Preset questions are provided, such as “Catch me up,” “Was my name mentioned?” and “What are the action items?” which can help catch up when you join late or return after stepping away from the meeting. More specific custom questions are also possible, like “Was a date agreed on?” and “Was there a decision on the name?”.  Meetings, as well as questions and responses, are supported in more than 30 languages.

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Whiteboard Content Generation

Users can leverage Whiteboard Content Generation with AI Companion to unlock visual ideation and improve the Whiteboard experience. With just one click, users can generate ideas, refine and extend existing content, and add objects to a canvas.

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How to activate AI Companion

To enable the AI Companion feaures:

  1. Go to your Zoom client and log in using SSO. Ensure your client is updated (minimum version 5.16.0 required).
  2. Log into the Zoom Web Portal. Look under Meeting Summary with AI Companion. Features with user-level settings can be turned on and off individually.
  3. Begin exploring: The AI Companion icon (Zoom AI Companion) is in your Zoom Meetings controls toolbar.

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