You can find the UR Student Support Team at Gleason Theater

( 1st floor of the Rush Rhees Library – Adjacent to the Gleason Library )


Driving & Walking Directions:

Gleason Theater
1st Floor, Rush Rhees Library,
University of Rochester – River Campus,
755 library Rd.
Rochester, NY 14627
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Parking is available in the Library Lot and across the Library Rd. & Intercampus Dr. Traffic Intersection.


From Parking Lots: If you are walking into the Library, from the Parking Lots on Library Rd., you will be entering the Ground Floor, the 1st floor is one level up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, veer slightly to the right, where you should see the UR Student Flag and Theater in the far right corner, near windows. Gleason Theater is in Gleason Library within the Rush Rhees Library (Indeed, a Tiny Theater inside a Library, which is also inside a Larger Library Complex).


From Academic Quad: If you walking into the Library, from the Academic Quad, you will already be entering the 1st floor. Once in the lobby, move into the main library while veering left down into a long access hall leading into Gleason Library. Gleason Theater is just past the grand staircase inside Gleason Library.