The files tab in Microsoft Teams is mainly a reference. It shows all the documents and other files you or your team has been interacting with in some way.

Under normal circumstances, there is no requirement for coming to this section, as all the actions required to manage the files happen in the teamsor chatsections of Microsoft Teams themselves.

This view is available on all Microsoft Teams platforms including Android and iOS.


Viewing Files

The primary section to browse your files, broken into the following categories:

  • Recent: Shows every Microsoft 365 document you’ve viewed or edited recently. This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint,PDF files, and more.
    • Does not show other types of documents like image files.
  • Microsoft Teams: Shows you all the documents that have been created or edited recently in specific channels from your teams.
    • Shows last modified date, by whom, and the exact folder location.
    • Presents options to edit or open files in their native applications, the web version, or in line with Teams.
  • Downloads: This is a list of files downloaded. This list clears often