Below are instructions for connecting WebWork within Blackboard. This process will allow students to access WebWork directly through Blackboard, there is no need for them to have a WebWork account or password.

When using this method, students must go through Blackboard every time they use WebWork. When a student first clicks this link it will create their WebWork account in your course. Note: The WebWork link does NOT work for TAs and Instructors – they must enter WebWork directly using the WebWork login screen.



About WebWork:

How To Set Up a WebWork Integration with Blackboard

(1) Turn on LTI

Go to the Blackboard page for your course. Go to “Customization” -> “Tool Availability” on the menu on the left. Then scroll down to LTI and check the box for Available. Then hit the Submit button.


(2) Add the Link to your Course

Now go to the Content Area where you want to create a link into your WebWork course. This could be on the Course Home page or within a Module in Learning Modules.

Go to “Build Content” -> “Weblink”.  Under name enter “WebWork Link” and under URL, enter the URL for your WebWork site

For example, for MTH 142 I enter

Make sure you use https, this is important!

Now check the box for “This link is to a Tool Provider” and hit the Submit button.


(3) Make your Blackboard Course Available

Finally, you need to make your Blackboard course “available” by clicking the red X next to the course after you login to Blackboard.


Student Access

Since students no longer can access WebWork directly (they don’t have a password) you must remove all regular links to WebWork on your course homepage.

Instead, you should put a note on your website like “To access webwork go to “XXXX” on the MTH 142 Blackboard site.”

It is also highly recommend to create an announcement in Blackboard,  just pointing students to the course website and the WebWork link.


Extending Deadlines and Automatic Assignments

For students that come into your course very late, you will still need to go in and manually extend their due dates for WebWork sets that they missed.

Note: Students will be automatically assigned to any homework sets which are “visible” when they first click the WebWork link to join the course. So if you don’t want students to be assigned to a WebWork set, then make the set invisible.