Use the following cleaning tips to maintain your wireless phone and desktop charger:

Wireless Handset


  • Turn off the phone before you clean them
  • Never immerse in water
  • Do no spray cleaning solutions directly on handset; use a cloth

Safe Cleaning Solutions:

  • Water-moistened cloth- will remove most films or residues
  • Mild detergent solution on water dampened cloth
  • Household glass and surface-type cleaner
  • Isopropyl alcohol on cloth- may use occasionally but carefully not to degrade legibility of buttons
  • Pre-moistened cloths used for eyeglasses or cameras


  • Furniture polishes, waxes or plasticizer-based cleaner (e.g. Armor All)
  • Any product containing lanolin, aloe, glycerin or other skin care ingredients
  • Any solvent such as acetone, mineral spirits, etc.

Desktop Charger


  • Unplug charger before cleaning
  • Never immerse in water
  • Do not spray cleaning solutions directly; use a cloth
  • Do not exert undue pressure on charger electrical contacts when wiping

Safe Cleaning Solutions:

  • Water-moistened cloth- use on both exterior surfaces and charging contacts

Headset Connector


  • If the headset connector becomes dirty, a scratchy or intermittent signal may be experienced

Safe Cleaning Solution:

  • Dip a non-padded end of a paper handled cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol
  • Gently insert in the connector and twist; repeating several time
  • If available, blow compressed air into the connector to clear debris