Update #2

02/13/2024 at 10:42 AM

This maintenance was completed successfully.

Update #1

1/9/2024 at 3:00 PM

Summary Description of the Change and the Impact of this Change on Users

Microsoft released new security patches today. Systems Management is planning to test, pilot, and push the patches according to the schedules listed below.

New security updates affecting the Microsoft products can be viewed in the link below:


UR ITSS: IT-1136612-22


Group Date Time
Testers Tuesday, January 9th 11:00PM EST
University IT Pilot Thursday, January 11th 11:00PM EST
University IT Tuesday, January 16th 11:00PM EST
Pilot Thursday, January 18th 11:00PM EST
Standard Group 1 Monday, January 22nd 11:00PM EST
Standard Group 2 Tuesday, January 23rd 11:00PM EST
Standard Group 3 Wednesday, January 24th 11:00PM EST
Standard Group 4 Thursday, January 25th 11:00PM EST
Standard Group 5 Monday, January 29th 11:00PM EST
Standard Group 6 Tuesday, January 30th 11:00PM EST
ExecMgmt Tuesday, January 30th 11:00PM EST
Group Date Time
UR PAG 1 Tuesday, January 9th 8:00PM EST
UR PAG 2 Tuesday, January 16th 8:00PM EST
UR PAG 3 Tuesday, January 23rd 8:00PM EST

If you are the system administrator of any workstation not supported by SCCM, you should plan to apply these patches to the computers that you support in the same timeframe.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please contact InfosecSystemsManagement@UR.Rochester.edu

Post Implementation:

If you are experiencing issues following this change, please contact the Help Desk.