Wireless Network Computers Mobile Devices
UR_Connected5 – recommended and provides the best level of service for faculty, staff, students and anyone with a sponsored account on River Campus, Memorial Art Gallery, South Campus and Eastman

UR_Connected  – provides network access based on the machines wireless preferences. It allows the local device (PC/Laptop/Mobile…) to select what it believe to be the best available wireless network speed

  • Highest level of security (WPA2)
  • Requires a single login with your Active Directory username and password (myIdentity)
  • Does not disconnect as you move around campus
  • Available at River Campus, Eastman, Memorial Art Gallery, and South Campus





UR_MCwirelessprovides the best level of service for faculty, staff, students and anyone with a guest account throughout the University Medical Center and medical off-sites listed below

  • Available for faculty, staff, students and contractors with a URMC managed device and valid URMC Active Directory account credentials
  • Secure network available at the Medical Center (including Strong Memorial Hospital and Golisano Children’s Hospital), Highland Hospital, and most URMC Off-Site Locations
  • All employees with personal devices should use UR_MCguest

  • A secure, worldwide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community
  • Students, researchers, and staff from eduroam-participating institutions can connect to the eduroam wireless network

  • Should only be used by visitors or individuals not affiliated with the University
  • Available at River Campus, Eastman, Memorial Art Gallery, and South Campus
Open network

(no login required)


  • Available at only the Whipple Park and Innovation Square campuses.
  • This network was created for devices that do not support unauthenticated or higher security network access controls
  • This network is created for areas where broadcasting standard guest networks are not in best practice
  • The network supports WPA PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access with Pre-Shared-Key)
  • Click on the (All Devices) link on the right to view PSK password
  • This link requires valid Active Directory credentials to view
All Devices

  • Available for patients, families, and visitors of Strong Memorial and Highland hospitals, and the Medical Center
Open network

(no login required)