Entry 1

Title: IORA Printed Newsletter

Target Audiences: Faculty, Researchers and Students

Team Members: Margarita Rincon, Meg Giaconia

The University of Rochester implemented Integrated Online Research Administration (IORA) system for Grants and Agreements management. IORA is a comprehensive suite of software solutions capable of managing various research functions. This newsletter was released to announce the system and its future functions with its projected timeline. The challenges faced was how to comprehensively communicate in a visual way within a limited space allowed for this newsletter.

IORA Newsletter

Entry 2

Title: UR Student Project: What’s Coming Next Newsletter

Target Audiences: Faculty/Advisors and Students

Team Members: Margarita Rincon

UR Student (Workday) is the University’s newest primary student administration system used by faculty, advisors and students to support the processes associated with a student’s progression from admission through graduation; including, student records, registration, course rosters, grading, advising, and transcripts. These newsletters were created as fliers, posters etc. to prepare the target audience on what to expect with this upcoming project. Distribution lists, email, physical handouts, website posts and newsletters were used to overcome initial challenges and concern to ensure this information was reached by target audiences. Other challenges faced were trying to spark interest and excitement for this new streamlined system to those who may not be on board with “change” or learning a new system. A community forum event was developed with Q&A, activities and hands-on system opportunity and interactive session to learn the new system. This particular newsletter was used in several platforms including newsletter, posters, flyers in both digital and print mediums.

What’s Coming Next? (Instructor/Advisor Newsletter)

What’s Coming Next? (Student Newsletter)

Entry 3

Title: Dr. Chat Bot/Alert UR Postcard

Target Audiences: Students

Team Members: Margarita Rincon

Dr. Chat Bot is an online tool implemented by the University’s Medical Center to screen Medical Center and University faculty, staff, and students for COVID-19 symptoms before reporting to campus  in an effort to prevent new exposures to the illness from occurring on the University’s campuses. Postcards and a web resource were created in support of a newsletter as an effort to spread awareness on the tool and provide students the resources necessary to use the tool. AlertUR is the tool needed to initially set up one’s phone number to be enrolled in the Dr. Chatbot so student’s could have both resources in one place with this creation. Challenges faced was to ensure all persons will answer questions regarding their symptoms and recent travels. Daily emails and follow up emails were sent early in the morning to ensure individuals are tracking their symptoms and getting the approval before traveling to campus.

Dr. Chatbot/Alert UR Postcard