How do I download the Keeper Desktop Application?

  • Windows users: can download Keeper Desktop in the Software Center.
    • To use Software Center, search for the app on your computer, then search for Keeper in the apps available for download and download the app.  
  • Mac and Linux users: should visit to download the desktop client

What happens to my UR/URMC LastPass account now that we are switching to Keeper?

Lastpass will stay active as a business account until September 30th. Your LastPass account will then be converted to a Free account.

What happens to my Personal LastPass account now that we are switching to Keeper?

Your LastPass family account will be converted to a Free account. We are offering Keeper Family and is recommended that you switch.

Can I import my passwords from LastPass to Keeper from my mobile client?

No, importing from LastPass is only available with the desktop application.

Passwords appear to be missing when importing from LastPass to Keeper?

Check to see if the passwords you are importing have a “Linked to personal account” listed. If so you will need to import those passwords into your personal Keeper account.

If this not the case, please contact the Helpdesk for further assistance.

What if I received Lastpass: multifactorresponsefailed?

You need to approve LastPass 2FA on your device to import your password from LastPass to Keeper. If you are having issues with getting your 2FA to work with LastPass you will need to submit a ticket to the Helpdesk to have your 2FA remove from your account so you can set it up again to import your passwords. 

I got prompted for Device Approval, what do I do?

When logging into additional devices (Web/Desktop App/Phones/etc.) users should login to the device that was used to setup Keeper for the first time. Then login to Keeper on the new device. This will send a Device Approval via prompt to your Keeper session. This ensures that no other devices can be added with out approval.

If you clear your cookies & cache you will need to have that device approved again. If you have no way to approve the device then you will to submit a request to have the device approved by an Admin.


If you setup Keeper via Web the first time, you will need to login to Keeper via Web on that device before logging into Keeper on the your Phone.

I got prompted that LastPass Mobile Device Restricted, what do I do?

Follow the LastPass instructions to manage access restriction for my mobile device.

Can I keep my password when I leave the organization?

Faculty/Staff: To keep passwords, you will need to create a personal account and manually transfer passwords to that account.

Students: No, when a user leaves they will no longer be able to access their Keeper account, if you want to keep any passwords, you will need to create a personal account and manually transfer passwords from your organization account to your personal account. It’s recommended to keep password separate even when you are a student at the organization.

Does Keeper provide a family account?

Yes! Family accounts are available at no cost. To set-up a family account, simply follow this tutorial.


Please Note: LastPass family accounts will switch to a personal account after September 30th.

Should I store personal passwords in my business Keeper account?

Faculty/Staff: You should set up a family account for personal passwords and not store them in your business Keeper account.

Students: No, you should create a personal account and store your personal passwords there

How do I turn off auto-fill?

Go to Settings >Autofill = Off

Why is the University switching from LastPass to Keeper

The organization had concerns around the security of the LastPass application and would like to provide a more secure alternative for faculty, staff, and students.