How do I add printing money to my card?

To add funds to a Flex (URos) account, visit eAccounts. Click the “Sign In” button and then log in with your UR Account.

A kiosk will be installed (coming fall 2023) in the front lobby on the first floor of Susan B. Anthony Hall where cash or change can be used to add funds to Flex accounts.

You can also purchase $5 Visitor Copy Cards at Library Q&i desks.

Stay tuned for updated information.

Why does the Pharos mobile app show $0 available funds? I have URos.

The Pharos mobile app is only used to upload and manage jobs, it is not tied into billing in our system. You cannot use the mobile app to release jobs, and it does not know of your funds. Your balance will show in Print Release on a device, or in eAccounts only.

I'm trying to print a PDF document, but there is no output or there are missing pages. How can I make sure this doesn't happen?

Download the PDF to a computer, open it in Adobe Acrobat, and print from there.

If you paid for a PDF to print and it did not, visit the IT Center and they can help you reprint the document without paying again.

What happens if I make a mistake? Can I get a refund?

You should preview your work by using the application’s Print Preview capability before sending it for printing to determine if there are any errors.

You cannot cancel a job once you have authorized it at a Print Release Station. However, you can choose not to release unwanted jobs. Jobs not released will be deleted after 4 hours and you will not be charged.

Refunds are not offered by University IT or the River Campus Libraries. If the UR Printing group is contacted within eight hours of the print job having been sent, the document can be re-printed at no additional charge if the reprint request is due to poor or damaged output (faded output or lost pages due a jam), or a system error.

If pages are lost due to a corrupted PDF or image printing issue, you will need to visit the Help Desk in the IT Center for assistance.

I sent a job to the printer but decided I no longer want to print it. What do I do?

You do not need to do anything. The job will be deleted automatically from the queue after 4 hours.

You can also select the job in the queue and choose “Delete”.

I released my print job from the queue, but it failed to print, and I was still charged.

Failed print jobs that are the result of a corrupted pdf, mobile print failure, or an image printing issue can be resolved by visiting the help desk in the IT Center. If a re-print request is due to printer error (poor or damaged output, such as; faded print jobs, streaky output, or lost pages due to a jam) or a system error, the document can be re-printed at no additional charge.

Please visit the IT Center Help Desk for assistance.

How do I release a print job?

Follow these instructions.