Entry 1

Title: Securing Zoom Meetings

Target Audiences: Faculty, Staff and Students

Team Members: Vern Williams, Margarita Rincon

Without much notice, the COVID-19 pandemic forced University faculty, staff and students into a remote teaching, working and learning environment. Luckily, Zoom was the collaboration tool that kept the University of Rochester community connected during unprecedented times. It was important to educate individuals on securing their meetings as security threats were ever evolving. A Zoom meeting host guide was created to support those using this collaborative platform along with Online step-by-step instruction to secure meetings on the University IT website. The guide and instruction were distributed via email, newsletters, social media, news posts, and University IT’s website with print options also available.

Securing Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meeting Host-Guide

Entry 2

Title: LastPass User Guide

Target Audiences: Faculty, Staff & Students

Team Members: Margarita Rincon

LastPass is a password management tool introduced to the University of Rochester in 2020. During a campaign, a Get Started user guide was created to educate and help individuals with the application and their initial setup. The password management tool was helpful to store account information for various applications used by the University community. The team faced the challenge of getting individuals interested in a password management tool that most were not familiar with, and showing that the initial steps and navigating the app aren’t difficult for the average user to set-up their account. These were distributed via email, newsletters, social media, news posts, and University IT’s website with print options also available. We were able to track the increase in usage following the distribution of the how-to guide based on calls to the Help Desk to request an account (part of step 1 in the guide).

LastPass User Guide

Entry 3

Title: UR Student Application Documentation

Target Audiences: Students

Team Members: Margarita Rincon, Cindy Fronterre

UR Student (Workday) is the University’s newest primary student administration system used by faculty, advisors and students to support the processes associated with a student’s progression from admission through graduation; including, student records, registration, course rosters, grading, advising, and transcripts. The below documents were created to prepare the target audience on what to expect with this upcoming project and prepare for an application necessary for their success in and out of the classroom. Distribution lists, email, physical handouts, website posts and newsletters were used to overcome initial challenges and concern to ensure this information was reached by target audiences. Other challenges faced were trying to spark interest and excitement for this new streamlined system to those who may not be on board with “change” or learning a new system. A community forum event was developed with Q&A, activities and hands-on system opportunity and interactive session to learn the new system. The below documentation was used in several platforms including newsletter, posters, flyers in both digital and print mediums.

What is UR Student

Getting Started

How We Define Success

What’s Coming to You