In November 2021, University IT successfully migrated the following applications from Net ID to Active Directory: Workday Financial (UR Finance), Workday Student (UR Student), Amazon Business Prime, and Student Administrative Support Services.

To simplify the end-user experience across UR and URMC, University IT will be migrating the remaining applications off NetID over the next year in periodic waves. More information on this project can be found here:

See below for the full list of applications and the migration timeline:

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When reviewing the list of applications below, there are pockets of services that are not represented.  CIRC, WWW, Linux Servers, Google, HRMS, & ITS-Web Services are being migrated separately.

If you do not see an application on the list that you believe, does use NetID for login, please submit this feedback to the following email address: Feedback – Netid to AD Migration


Migration Legend Color Code
Migration is Complete
Migration is in Process
Wave Legend Date Range
Wave 1 April 1 – May 15
Wave 2 May 17 – June 30 2022
Wave 3 July 1 – Aug 15 2022
Wave 4 Sept 15 – Oct 14 2022
Wave 5 Oct 15 – Nov 15 2022
Wave 6 Dec 15 – Jan 15 2023