Padlet is a digital bulletin board. It is able to be integrated into Blackboard so that your students can use it as a collaboration tool. Please note that if you already have a Padlet account, you must link it to our Rochester Backpack in order to link it within Blackboard.

When you link within Blackboard, all students will automatically get accounts and be logged in when working in your Padlet – no more anonymous posts!

How to:

Get a University of Rochester Padlet Backpack Account

Create a Padlet to use in your Course

Add Padlet to Blackboard

  • Within a Blackboard Content area, choose Build Content, Web Link.
  • Provide a name for the Padlet exercise
  • Provide the URL: (you can copy this from Padlet)
  • In the text area, provide instructions.
  • Click on This link is to a Tool Provider¬†
  • Provide the KEY: rochester (you can copy this from Padlet)
  • Provide the SECRET: hrfrnvqfldm9powq (you can copy this from Padlet)
  • Provide the Custom Parameters (this is unique to your Padlet and must be copied from Padlet)

See Adding Padlet to to Blackboard for specific instructions and screen shots.


Privacy and Behavior Settings

To use as a collaborative tool (all students contribute to the same instructor-created Padlet) you will want the Behavior to be set to “Everyone Works on this Padlet”. Privacy must be set to Secret and Visitors must have the ability to Write.

If you set the behavior to “Everyone Works on their Own Copy” then each student will get a copy of the selected Padlet as a template to begin their work. These will be available to the instructor in the instructor’s account. Privacy can be left at Private for Padlets used as a template.


Access Rochester Padlet