It is crucial for faculty, staff and students to understand the importance of data security regarding their smartphones. Sensitive information can be placed in the wrong hands if not taking appropriate action should your device be lost or stolen.

Mobile Device Security Standard

How to Secure Your Mobile Device

  • Encrypt your device
  • Set an idle timeout of 15 minutes or less
  • Create a PIN to unlock device (or utilize biometrics if possible)
  • Enable the devices “find me” service
  • Only install apps from official sources


** PLEASE NOTE: Should your device be stolen or misplaced, it is important to report the device as such to police or Department of Public Safety and your IT Service Desk.

Lost or Stolen Devices

The following information may be collected when reporting the device:

  • Device Manufacturer
  • Device Model
  • Device S/N
  • Device Type
  • Username of the person who typically uses the device or is responsible for it
  • Lost or Stolen (which is it?)
  • UR or URMC or Personal device (actual ownership, which is it?)
  • Encryption Status
  • Data Description
  • Number of Medical Records on device (if any)
  • Remote Wipe Status (can we do it?)
  • Is there Remote Location (Find My Device) software installed and active
  • Last known location
  • MAC address (if available)

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