Protect your data and privacy on social media by being proactive, aware, and responsible. To help promote safe social media habits, download and print the Social Media Villains posters.



Be Proactive
  • Understand the privacy policy for any social media site you plan to use. Note that privacy policies can change frequently, so you should check back every so often to ensure your information is still at the privacy level you want.
    • Customize your privacy settings to restrict access to only certain people. The default settings for some sites may allow anyone to see your profile.
    • Limit the amount of personal information you post, especially information that would make you vulnerable, such as your address or information about your schedule or routine.
    • Be considerate when posting information and photos about others.
    • Accept ‘friends’ on a social network selectively. Identity thieves create fake profiles to get information from you.
    • Protect your account with passwords that cannot easily be guessed.
Be Aware
  • You are personally responsible for the information that you post. Once you post information online, you can not delete it. Only post information you are comfortable with anyone seeing. This includes information and photos in your profile, blogs, and other forums.
  • Be careful about installing extras on your site. Many social media sites allow you to download third-party applications that provide more features. Criminals sometimes use these applications to steal your personal information.
Be Responsible
  • When at work, follow your department’s guidelines regarding the use of social networking sites. Some areas do not allow the use of social networking sites while at work.
  • Never post business-related information — especially photos or anything that includes High-Risk Information such as Social Security Numbers (SSN) or Protected Health Information (PHI).
  • Talk to your kids about social media. Explain what information is private, what pictures are okay to post, and how to decline requests to meet people.

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