Step 1

Connect to the URMC network through VPN (web or Cisco AnyConnect client) or log on to a URMC computer.

Step 2

Go to the URMC Two-Factor Authentication Enrollment site.

Step 3

Enter your user name and password; select URMC-SH as the Domain and click Submit.

Step 4

Read through the information on the screen and initiate your enrollment by clicking Start setup.

Step 5

Follow the on-screen instructions; for assistance, you may access an enrollment guide by clicking the Need help? link.

Step 6

Enroll your device per the on-screen instructions. It is strongly recommended that you enroll more than one device and be sure to choose ones that are accessible when and where you require access to URMC remote systems. To setup additional landline phones, mobile phones, or tablets, click Enroll another device.

Step 7

When all devices are enrolled, click Done

Additional Information

After setup, you will be asked to authenticate your device via the authentication prompt. You may select the device and method to complete this step.