Step 1

Purchase Yubikey from the UR Tech Store.

Step 2

Go to the appropriate Duo Security Registration Page and log in:

Duo for NetID
Includes HRMS, CIRC resources

Duo for University AD
Includes CLICK IRB, End User Computing, M365-OWA (Webmail), UR Student, and UR Financials, University VPN

Duo for URMC AD
Includes URMC VPN, Email, eRecord/ePartner, UR Student, and UR Financials

Step 3

Step 4

Click on the “Other Options”. Then proceed to choose “Manage devices”.

Step 5

Choose ‘Add a device’.

Step 6

Choose ‘Security Key’.

Step 7

Insert YubiKey in USB port and Press ‘Continue’.

Step 8

When prompted, click OK and then press the button on your YubiKey.

Step 9

Press ‘Use an external security key’.


Your YubiKey is now set up and ready for use.