Step 1

Log into the Guest Account System with your NetID and password.

Step 2

Click the “Add Guest” button.

Step 3

Read the “Sponsor Agreement” and IT Policies and click “I agree”.

Step 4

Select whether or not your guest is currently with you in-person on the ” Is your Guest currently with you?” screen.

  • If yes, have your guest input their PII (Personal Identifying Information) in step 8 below.
  •  If no, the guest will be sent an email with a link to input their PII (Personal Identifying Information).

Step 5

Select the type of guest (contractor, researchers, university affiliate, etc.) for which you are requesting the Guest account.

Step 6

Select which Active Directory accounts your guest requires (UR, URMC or both), whether or not they need an email account for each Active Directory account and their expiration date.

The sponsorship will be ended by automation on the day following the expiration date set in the Guest Account System between 4AM and 6AM.  For example. if the expiration date is set to May 31st, 2022, automation will end the relationship between 4:00 and 6:00 AM on June 1st, 2022.  Dates can be selected up to 13 months into the future.

(warning) URMC Accounts:

  1.  You must have a URMC Active Directory domain account to request a URMC Active Directory account.
  2.  URMC accounts offer the option to add a home directory (H drive) as well.
  3.  URMC accounts require the selection of a template, which is based on the OU / department in which your URMC Active Directory account resides.  The template may prevent selection of email and a home directory as some guest populations are not entitled to email or a home directory.

**Please Note: If you are presented with the opportunity to create a URMC account and the template that you are looking for is not present in the template dropdown, or your template prevents selection of email or a home directory and your guests will need them, please reach out to the University IT Help Desk at 585-275-2000 or

Step 7

Input your guest’s name and personal email address on the “New Guest” screen.  If you selected “Other” as your reason for the request in step 5 above, input the reason for your request in the “OTHER REASON” field. Click “Next”.

(warning) URMC Accounts:

If you selected “URMC Active Directory” on the preceding “Select Accounts” screen, you will also be asked to fill out the “OFFICE LOCATION” and “OFFICE PHONE” for your guest.  These values will be visible in the Outlook Global Address List (GAL) if an email account was also requested.

Step 8

If you selected that your guest is with you in-person, have them fill out their PII (Date of birth, and last four of their Social Security Number) and click “Next”.

Step 9

Verify that the following information that you input is correct on the “Review Request” screen and click “Submit” if it is correct.  If something is not correct, click the “Back” button to modify your request.

  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Personal email
  • Account(s) requested
  • Expiration date

Step 10

Click “Done” on the “Submitted” screen after reviewing the status of the request.

Step 11

Account Creation:

In-Person Status and PII Submitted Account Creation Details
Yes The Active Directory and NetID accounts will be created after a new identity (URID) is created for them or they are tied to an existing URID if they have had a previous relationship with the university.
No The guest will need to login to the URL (web address) provided in an automated email that was sent to them asking for them to input their PII.
Once they have submitted their PII, the Active Directory and NetID accounts will be created after a new identity (URID) is created for them or they are tied to an existing URID if they have had a previous relationship with the university.

Step 12

Once the accounts have been created as per step 11 above, you as the sponsor will receive an email with the following information asking you to provide this information to the guest when you are ready to have the guest start using their account(s):

  • NetID Name
  • UR Active Directory Account Name (if requested)
  • URMC Active Directory Account Name (if requested)
  • Email Address (if requested)
  • URID
  • Link to the University Account Initialization site ( )

Step 13

Contact the appropriate Help Desk(s) depending on which accounts were requested to request the following:

  • Office location for the Outlook Global Address List (UR only)
  • Phone number for the Outlook Global Address List (UR only)
  • Any additional permissions that are required for your guest and not part of your template (URMC only) such as shared drives and access to specific applications.

AD Account Help Desk Contact Information: