Step 1

If you haven’t already, download the Pharos Client 8.4 for Mac file.

Step 2

Go to System Preferences then Security & Privacy.

Verify that under “Allow applications downloaded from”, you have “Anywhere” selected. The default is Mac App Store only.

system setting screenshot

Step 3

In the downloaded folder, select Popup.pkg.

installer file screenshot

Step 4

Click Continue twice, then click Install (keeping all default options selected).

print driver screenshot

print driver screenshot


print driver software screenshot

Step 5

Enter your administrator username and password.

print driver screenshot

Step 6

You have now successfully installed the driver and can close the screen.

print driver screenshot

Three printers have been added to your computer: BWLaser, BWWax, and ColorWax. You can now print to any public printer across the University.

printer options screenshot

Step 7

Follow the How to Use the UR Printing System tutorial to begin printing.