Step 1

Download the ECM Public Printing for Lte.exe file installer

NOTE: Downloading, installing, and printing must be done while on a UR network or VPN.

win exe icon

Step 2

Depending on your system configuration, the installer may initially be blocked. If that is the case, you must right click on the installer, choose properties, and “Unblock” the installer.

Win Menu Screenshot

Win Unblock Screenshot

Step 3

Click Install at the bottom of the window.

Win Install Screenshot

Step 4

Click Finish to complete the installation.

Win Done Screenshot

Step 5

You have now successfully installed the driver and can close the screen.

Two printers have been added to your computer: RC Color Printer and RC B&W Printer. You can now print to any public printer across the University.

Step 6

Follow the UR Printing System tutorial to begin printing.